"To Improve the Livelihoods of Disadvantaged People in Developing Countries, Benefiting Local Community Projects and Keeping Alive Traditional Skills that Would Otherwise be Lost."

  • To Avoid Child Labour.
  • To Ensure Working Conditions are Acceptable. 
  • To Provide Advice on Design & Product Development. 
  • To Pay Good Prices & Support Our Craftspeople/Artisan's & their Communities. 
  • To Commit to Long Term Relationships with Our Buyer & Artisan's
  • To Provide A Top Quality in Lowest Price with Prompt Service for Our Buyer. 

We Request to You again & again We Want to Improve the Quality of Life for Craftspeople & their Communities which will be Possible as Means of you. that's why & It must to Establish Business Relation with You. 

Your Some CO-Operation will be Helpful for Poor Artisan's,We will Send You Our Products Pictures & Also Request to You if You Deals than Reply if not Please Send us Your Products Details. 

We will Feel Highly Obliged to You if You Give Us Only One Chance of Serving You. 

We are Waiting for Your Earliest Positive Response.